Sarah works as a freelance contributor of wine, travel, and food-related content to a variety of print and online publications including SAVEUR, Serious Eats, Edible Manhattan, The SOMM Journal, The Tasting Panel, Departures, and others. For a full-length look, check out her repository of articles at Examples of her work include:

An Austrian Riesling That Shines For Thanksgiving | Departures

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we’ve been turning our efforts to finding the perfect wines to drink with this year’s feast, and the verdict is in: the 2003 Heiligenstein from Weingut Hirsch, which is currently drinking beautifully paired alongside the flavors of fall.

What To Drink Now: Kopke’s Marvelous Aged White Ports | Departures

Natural acidity is the key to what makes Kopke’s white ports so unique: Balance and freshness are their hallmark, even as the flavors evolve from more approachable fruit in the 10- and 20-year-olds to the more demanding elements of the 30- and 40-year-old blends.

The Gold Standard of Rosé | The SOMM Journal

Exploring the fresh, crisp style of rosé produced at Château Minuty in St. Tropez, the gold standard for Provençal rosé.

Sunny, Sunny South| The SOMM Journal

Featured contributor and tasting panelist in The SOMM Journal’s review of southern Italian wines.

Sicily: Monaci delle Terre Nere | SAVEUR

My review of a boutique hotel on the hillsides of Mt. Etna in Sicily with an organic garden, Slow Food-certified restaurant, and beautifully restored 18th century building.

Southern Manners | The SOMM Journal

Country drinking with sommelier Steven Grubbs of Atlanta’s Empire State South and Athens’ 5 & 10.

Two Good Bottles: A Lesson in Terroir | SAVEUR

White Bones & White Stones: Twin wines with startlingly different flavor profiles from Bodega Catena Zapata.

Smooth Sailing | The SOMM Journal

Libations consultant Otis Florence of NYC’s Attaboy brings a world traveler’s view to cocktails.

Drinking the Wines of Lebanon | SAVEUR

The world’s oldest wine culture produces some of its strangest, most wonderful bottles.

Behind the Scenes in Champagne | Serious Eats

Ever wonder what makes those little bubbles in your glass of Champagne? Do you know how long it took to make that bottle you’re popping this Thanksgiving? I traveled to France to check out this winegrowing region and learn what I could about the history of the area and how your bubbly gets made.

On the Lower East Side, Heads and Tales | Edible Manhattan

You may get to know Kevin Heald by the jaunty fedoras he sports, but you’ll get to love him for the jam-packed, American-focused beer and cheese he sells in his aptly named Lower East Side shop, Malt & Mold.

Txakolì: Summer’s Coolest Wine | SAVEUR

The Basque region’s effervescent, bone-dry white is tailor made for balmy days.

White Wines Rule in Alsace | Serious Eats

From still to sparkling, light to rich, dry to sweet, the wines of Alsace offer a wealth of flavors to choose from, something I discovered on a recent visit.

4 Must-Try Sparkling Wines | SAVEUR

Ring in the New Year with some high-quality bottles that don’t break the budget.

Drafting Sheep in New Zealand | SAVEUR

A postcard sent from travels to New Zealand’s Marlborough, where the author tries her hand at sorting sheep.

Dessert Wines for Thanksgiving | SAVEUR

Sweet wines may get a bad rap, but when it comes to fall desserts, they’re the perfect pairing.